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Tabacari Radu

Daruind scolii enciclopedia 1000 minuni ale lumii, cu scopul ca minunea 1001 sa fie scoala din Colonita!
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Adăugat 09 Feb 2009 Pretty

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1 Reggie   [Intrare]
I disagree. A few years ago I steartd listening to podcasts using my cellphone. I noticed that I wasn't the only one. In every subway car there were at least two other people that had earphones. Now, it is rare to see anyone under 18 NOT having earphones. All these kids grow up. It doesn't matter grandpa will never use the digital paper because normal paper smells better, but grandpa will die soon enough.What I am more afraid of is the level of forced illiteracy that some social classes will attain. People that will completely miss out on the good life because they are simply uneducated enough to never feel comfortable with technology.

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